Read all about it! Dave Woods loves Branson

When I started covering Branson arts and entertainment for The Joplin Globe a year ago, I didn’t know my backside from a Baldknobber. I hadn’t gone that deep into the Ozarks since I was kid … and I’m talkin’ 1974.

We — me, and a brother or three, my MaMa, a cooler full of bologna sandwiches, a couple gallons of Kool-Aid and enough Pringles to feed a small army — packed into Pop’s Galaxy 500 and off to Branson we went. And, by Branson, I mean Silver Dollar City. That, to me,was Branson.
No traffic. No long lines, No hassles. I’m sure it was a pain for my grandparents, but for us kids, it was a big-damn deal … Fiiirrrreeee in the hooooole!
Times have changed, but “Fire in the Hole” still makes me smile.

Flash forward 35 years
Now, I get to work in Branson. I know to use the “Yellow Route” to avoid peak traffic. I know to ask about “the special” when ordering in restaurants and bars on The Landing, and I know not to use Andy’s name in vain.
I’ve had a great time covering Branson food, entertainment and nightlife … and no, that’s not a joke. Branson offers a good nightlife, some great restaurants and plenty of fun family entertainment. In 2009 Branson celebrates 50 years of entertainment on The Strip, and it’s just getting a second wind. A world-class convention center dominates the old downtown, shopping and entertainment abound, and a new airport opens in May. There’s a lot goin’ on, and I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want you to miss it, either.

Best Read Blog guarantee
So you need the name of a good Italian restaurant in Branson? I can help. Want to know where you can pick up a nice bottle of wine in Branson? I can help. Looking for the best family hotel values in Branson? I can help. Stuck in Branson traffic on a Saturday night? I can’t help. But, if you need a bit O’Branson advice, I’ll help out, or I’ll find someone who can. How’s that for a Best Read Blog Branson guarantee. Drop me a line at if you have questions or comments concerning Branson-area entertainment, food, lodging or activities. Include your e-mail address and a phone number and I’ll do what I can.


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