Random Sunday night in Branson

11 Jan

Just a couple of quick notes: I found out today from a very reliable source… that is, if any bartender is a reliable source… that The Bar Louie location on the Branson Landing will reopen as an Old Chicago Pasta and Pizza restaurant in March. Old Chicago offers a big menu full of Italian favorites and other options. The place hangs it’s hat on a beer selection with more than 100 selections and a World Beer Tour gimmick supported by an electronic card to track your lager-loving progress. Seems like it will be a good addition to the Landing’s lineup.

Waxy’s a good option

 My source, a bartender at Waxy O’Shea’s, whose name I didn’t get, also informed me that Waxy’s will co-host Branson’s first Irish festival in March. Good times. While I woofed down an order of chicken strips at Waxy’s, I heard the bartender describe a new offering at the bar. The Scotch Apple, a half-and-half made from Magnar’s Irish Cider and Belhaven Cream Ale. Tasty and smooth. The Belhaven Cream Ale is pushed with nitrogen and has the same light, foamy texture as a Stout. Cream ales get their name from the milky appearance they have when first poured off the tap. The sweetness of the ale is balanced by the dryness of the pear cider, on which it floats. I havn’t noticed either beverage in Joplin yet, but will look around and report. On the entertainment front, the bartender at Waxy’s said they were expanding their music offerings in the spring and hope to land some bigger names. The Ben Miler Band regulary appears and is loved in Branson. ‘Ben’ there and saw the adoration. The crowd ‘Doug” the vide and loved the sound. The pub currently sports an autographed Young Dubliners poster behind the bar. I caught the Young Dubliners last summer in Reno, Nv., and was way- impressed. I’m not Irish, but felt it after a couple Imperial pints of Irish ale.  Check out the Dubliners if you get the chance. The have several videos on YouTube.

Next time… My trip to the Outback Pub in Branson.



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