Letter writer loved “Magnificent Variety” show

25 Nov

I opened a letter on Tuesday afternoon from Paula Moore. Paula didn’t say where  she was from or where she read one of my Branson stories.  Paula wanted to let me know about a show she recently caught in Branson.

Tamra and Joe Tinoco in a promo photo from "Magnificent Variety."

She wrote: “I am writing in regards to your comments about the various shows in Branson. Recently our group from St. Johns watched a show called the “Magnificent Variety Show” at The Osmond’s Theatre and enjoyed the talented musicians and delicious dinner.” Paula enclosed a show flyer and said she hoped I could take in the show soon.” Thanks, Paula.

A little background: The “Magnificent Variety Show” – formerly “The Magnificent Seven” was staged at The White House Theatre in Branson. I saw it last year and was impressed with the cast’s trip through seven decades of American music, but never had the chance to write about it. The show, staring Joe and Tamra Tinoco, put on a great review. Add to the mix their 4-year-old daughter, Talya, and it’s hard to imagine how anyone wouldn’t love the show. The show touts more than “75 blockbuster hits” and “over 300 costume changes.” Here’s a local connection, Tamra is a former Missouri Southern State University student and a great musical talent.

 The show offers a dinner/show combo ticket. Check the show’s Web site for dates and times. The Christmas show runs through Dec., 12, with New Year’s shows the last week of the year.  Call 417-336-6100 or go to www.magnificentvariety.com for show info.


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