The Wilderness wows

16 Sep
My cabin at The Wilderness near Branson

My cabin at The Wilderness near Branson

Just getting settled in for a fun-filled Branson weekend. It’s going to be a blast. I’m in town for the opening day of Silver Dollar City’s Harvest Fest, Tony Roi’s Elvis Experience, a tour of Andy Williams’ art collection and a roller coaster or three. Already hit two wine tastings. Crazy stuff planned. Here’s the kicker. I’m staying at The Wilderness in a “rustic”
cabin built
for four. Kinda’ lonely, but pretty cool stuff, and very Silver Dollar City.

For a family looking to get away for the weekend … or a week … on the shores of Lake Taneycomo, this could be the place. It’s Very Laura-Ingalls Wilder … “Pa …. Where you goin’ Pa?” The crafts-persons at SDC put these cabins together and they are solid.

Big log furniture, pine floors, beamed ceilings and lots of “Ozarky” stuff nailed to the walls with rocking chairs and a propane grills on every porch. My brothers will be so jealous. WiFi too. That’s living, Branson style. Seriously, they look cool. I’ll tour some other floor plans and get back with you. sdc_cabin_int

Seriously, I feel like Grizzly Adams … without the bear.

I hope Carol Parker is in town for the media fest. We missed each other last time we were in town. She’s the Queen of Branson, and I like to ride on her coattails. Kiddin.’ She is The Queen though. Check out the virtual tour of one of The Wilderness’ loft cabins. It’s pretty cool, but too big for my needs this weekend. The cabins are great. The staff at The Wilderness saved my bacon on Sunday. A friend came down and had a flat tire when we headed out on Sunday. He didn’t have a lug tool to pull his tire off and mine didn’t fit. A staff member searched out a four-way lug wrench and our problem was solved. OIt’s that kind os service that is remembered. I sent off an atta’ boy to the management at SDC. Thanks.


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